Samurai Venture Summit

Samurai Venture Summit
軒先の空きサービスを活用したサービス(や行った店の情報を共有するサービス(を運営している人と直接お話でき、大変良かったです。また、Samurai Shoutというプレゼン大会があり、大盛況でした。プレゼンターの中に知り合いがいて、久々に再会でき、とても嬉しかったです。新しいサービスがきっと日本を良くしていくのだと強く思いました。

I went to see the event, "Samurai Venture Summit" gathering StartUp enterprises. It was really good to have a talk with people running "" which puts a vacant place of the eaves into practical use and "" which presents a service that shares informations of the stores people went to. And there was a presentation convention called "Samurai Shout", it was really on a high note. One of the presenter was my acquaintance and it's been a long time since I met him last. I strongly suppose that new services drive Japan to a better world.

by keisuk-s | 2011-09-25 22:27  

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